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Tuition and Financial Aid


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Tuition and Fees



Grades K-5: $13,700
Grades 6-8: $14,900
Grades 9-12: $15,700



Tuition costs are reviewed annually by the Board of Trustees.


Upon acceptance, a $550 deposit is required to hold a student’s place for the upcoming school year. The deposit is applied toward the total tuition cost, and is non-refundable for new students after April 15 (Grades 6 – 12) or May 10 (Kindergarten – Grade 5).


Tuition Payment Options


There are two payment options for IPA families.


• Payment in Full. All tuition is paid by July 1, before the school year begins.
• The Monthly Payment Plan.


Families can elect to pay tuition in 12 equal installments from June through May. Monthly payments are made through the FACTS Tuition Management program by automatic withdrawal through a bank account. There is a $41 annual fee to set up an account with FACTS. Families who opt for the monthly payment plan are also required to participate in the Tuition Refund Plan.


Tuition Refund Plan


Because the financial commitment of enrollment is for an entire year, IPA offers a Tuition Refund Plan. The cost of the Tuition Refund Plan is three percent of the total tuition. The Plan enables parents to insure themselves against full liability for unused tuition due to student withdrawal, dismissal, or extended medical absence. Participation in the Tuition Refund Plan is required for families who choose the Monthly Payment Plan and is optional for those families who pay the full tuition by July 1.


Additional Expenses


Lunch and Extended Day Care are not covered by tuition. Students may bring lunch from home or elect to order lunch at an additional cost. IPA offers a convenient before and after school extended care program on-campus for an additional fee.


Students at IPA purchase school supplies and school uniforms. The average cost for school supplies is approximately $100, but varies depending on the grade level. The cost for one week’s uniform outfits ranges from approximately $200-$300. Secondary students (Grades 6-12) purchase textbooks. The cost for books varies depending on the grade level and course selection. Secondary students also bring their own portable laptops to school.


Families may incur some additional fees and expenses, depending on the grade level, which include but are not limited to: class trips, dances, and athletics. In some cases, fundraising may be done to help offset the cost of certain activities.


Financial Aid


We will continue to accept new Financial Aid applications for the 2014-2015 school year based on available funding.


IPA is committed to creating an inclusive student body and broadening socioeconomic diversity by providing need-based financial aid to qualified students who could not otherwise attend our school. While the school's financial aid resources are limited, IPA's Financial Aid Program assists many students in their desire to attend IPA. Each year, approximately 20% of the student body receives need-based tuition assistance. IPA uses the School and Student Services for Financial Aid (SSS by NAIS), a nationally-recognized methodology and documentation review, in the financial aid process to help determine demonstrated economic need.


For more information about financial aid, please contact the Admission Office or call 808-674-3563.